Full Grown Cockapoo – Everything You Need To Know 

What is a Cockapoo?

A crossbreed between a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel dog is called a Cockapoo. A full-grown Cockapoo can vary in different sizes and appearances. Most of them have curly fur. 

Cockapoos are usually very friendly in general. They are also very energetic, quickly grasping common knowledge of things. The Cockapoos learn with that kind of ease because they are highly trainable. 

Cockapoo Dog Laying

Vital Stats on a Full Grown Cockapoo

6 to 19 pounds (2.72 to 8.61 kilograms) is the average weight of an adult Cockapoo. Even at their oldest age, they do not get so massive in body size. This mammal can grow to a height of 10 to 15 inches (25.4 to 38.1 centimeters). 

Below is a breakdown of the most common Cockapoo stats. 

Full Life Span12 to 15 Years
TemperamentOutgoing, playful, and friendly
Shedding AmountInfrequent
Drool AmountLow
Gets Along withChildren, seniors, cats, other dogs
Energy LevelActive
Exercise NeedsMedium
Breed GroupHybrid
PatternsMerle, tricolor, bicolor
Texture and Coat LengthCurly and long
Colors Cream, red, blue, white, yellow, brown, chocolate
Intelligence High
Barking LevelOnly when necessary 

The Cockapoo breed is also a water lover. An environment with a lot of water can be perfect for them. A cold environment is also suitable for this mammal. They enjoy the cold because very hot climates make them quite uncomfortable. 

Despite being uncomfortable in a very hot climate, they can survive in a moderately hot environment.

Cockapoo dogs are also apartment-friendly. You can just keep them at your apartment, and they will be more than comfortable. They are also excellent and loyal even to their first-time owners. 

Cockapoo Breed Highlights

The Cockapoo breed is not like any other dog breed. The Poodle Cocker Spaniel mix is the other name for Cockapoos. Despite that fact, Cockapoos were not the very 1st breed in the Poodle family. 

To fully get into the Cockapoo highlights, you will need to dive deeper into the questions below:

What Habitat do Cockapoos Stay in? 

Urban environments act as perfect settings for a Cockapoo. However, the urban habitat fact does not mean that they cannot adopt a rural environment. 

However, as a Cockapoo keeper, you should not keep your pet in places with very extreme harsh environments. Harsh conditions affect them negatively in that their health could be at significant risk. 

As a Cockapoo keeper, you should remember to monitor the environment around your pet. By doing that, you will be paying proper attention to your Cockapoo dog. 

Where do Cockapoos Live? 

Cockapoos live comfortably at home with a garden or yard. On the other hand, Cockapoos come in different sizes and different dimensions. 

Therefore, when looking for a pet to keep for the first time, a Cockapoo should be your top priority. You can select a Cockapoo dog of your desired size for your home or apartment. 

Who do Cockapoos Live with?

Cockapoos love to socialize. They interact well, mostly with children and also adults. These pets usually need this interaction for them to adjust appropriately to humans. This fact usually aids them in learning and acquiring knowledge. 

When Cockapoos are left lonely for a long time, they suffer from anxiety and other problems. Therefore, you should be around them for more extended periods when keeping a Cockapoo.

What Animal Class do Cockapoos Belong to? 

The Cockapoo dog falls in the class of mammals. This mammal gives birth to young ones. Naturally, that fact approves that a Cockapoo is a  mammal. This mammal is naturally a hybrid, and its primary purpose to humans is companionship. 

What is the Life Span of a Cockapoo? 

14 to 15 years is the average lifespan of a Cockapoo. Sometimes this span may vary due to different circumstances. One of the circumstances is health. 

A fully healthy Cockapoo dog living under the right environmental conditions and diet can live up to 19 years of age. 

How do Cockapoos Reproduce? 

Though Cockapoos are a mixed breed of American Poodle cocker spaniel mix, the Cockapoo breed still can give out an offspring of a wholly original Cockapoo dog. The male and female Maxi Cockapoo naturally met to give out an entirely natural Cockapoo offspring. During mating, the male dog usually mounts itself to the rear of the female dog.

During this time, the female Cockapoo dog should be on heat. In other words, it should be on her reproductive cycle. 

After mating is complete, the gestation period begins. Finally, 58 to 69 days is the entire period for the pregnancy. After that period is completely done, five to eight Cockapoo puppies will be successfully delivered. 

What is the Cockapoos Conservation Status? 

The Cockapoos do not have any severe conservation issues. Their conservation status is of minor concern. They are not in any danger of extinction. Anyone can freely own them. 

How Many Cockapoos Exist Around the World? 

The exact number of them around the globe is not clear. It may be difficult to determine because many people love keeping this mammal at home. That fact naturally proves that there are very many Cockapoo dogs worldwide. 

History of the Poodle Cocker Spaniel Mix

The famous Poodle Cocker Spaniel mix started in the United States early in the 1960s. Some sources also indicate that it originated earlier than that. 

The original intention for breeding this dog breed was not to act as a pet. It was initially meant to hunt Woodcocks. This is where the breed got its general name, “Cockapoo.“ The 1st section of its name comes from the last section of “Woodcock.” 

After some time, the curly fur and the unique, playful nature of the animal started to attract people in another way. People noticed that the dog was more than just a woodcock hunter. This unique breed came to be so close to humans, and that is how it got its pet title. 

Poodle Cocker Spaniel mix is the oldest known hybrid. The long time has led to total perfection due to many chances of trial and error. That fact has led to a unique final breed. That is the reason why the Cockapoo has a lot of fans today. 

White Cockapoo

Cockadoodle Dog Sizes

Cockadoodles come in several sizes. Unlike the other dog breeds, which usually come in only one specific size. The Cockadoodle comes explicitly in four main sizes. However, the most popular sizes are only two. These main Cockadoodle sizes are

  • The Miniature Cockadoodle
  • The Standard Cockadoode (full size)

Another Cockadoodle size is the Teacup Cockapoo full grown. However, the teacup is not that popular. It is rare to see this Cockadoodle size in the United Kingdom, but it is somehow common in the United States. 

The other Cockadoodle dog sizes include

  • The Toy Cockadoodle
  • The Maxi Cockadoodle

When choosing a Cockapoo, you need to select the best size that goes with your expectations. The Cockapoo size you choose goes with the average time you will be spending with it. 

The miniature and the standard size Cockapoos love the outdoors so much. That result comes due to their high level of playfulness. Therefore when you choose these dog sizes, you need to have lots of free time for yourself. 

You need to spend lots of time outdoors with your Cockapoo dog creating interaction. If you are a busy person that is hardly home, your dog will start suffering from boredom. 

The Cockapoo boredom will come as a result of keeping them inside the house or spending less time with them. 

However, if you are busy and fall in love with the mini Cockapoo full-grown or the standard Cockapoo size breeds, you may choose to consider hiring a person to take them out when you are not around. 

You should still find some time to play and spend time with them more often. This will help you create and maintain a natural affection between you and your Cockapoo dog.

On the other hand, the Teacup Cockapoo full-grown and the Toy Cockapoo full-grown can serve well if you are an indoor person. These two breed sizes are not so playful and do not need much attention or the outside environment. 

They are most comfortable in the house. They are very comfortable staying indoors because these two sizes were meant to be lap dogs. 

All you can give them is a little attention and some level of indoor relaxation, and they will be satisfied. However, if you want to be much more connected to these two Cockapoo sizes, you may consider spending even much more time with them. That will include outdoor walks and garden play together. 

In Cockadoodles, there is no known specific standard breed size. In most cases, many dog breeds come with specific, predictable, full sizes. They are known as pure breed dogs. A slight alteration may result in a large Miniature Cockapoo or a small Miniature Cockapoo dog.  

You should also keep in mind that Spaniels come in various sizes. These sizes could be large, medium, or small. The same results apply to the three Poodle sizes of Toy, Miniature, and Standard. 

Therefore, the Cockapoo is termed and classified as a medium-sized dog. From there, the sizes will start to vary according to your taste. 

Characteristics of Different Cockapoo Sizes

The Miniature Cockapoo

  • This size stands at 11 to 14 inches (27.94 to 35.56 centimeters). 
  • Their average weight is 13 to 18 pounds (5.89 to 6.89 kilograms).

This Cockapoo size comes from breeding Cocker Spaniel with a Miniature Poodle. 

The Teacup Cockapoo 

  • This Cockapoo size stands at 10 inches (25 centimeters).
  • Their average weight is 6 pounds (2.72 kilograms).
  • They take 9 to 12 months to reach their maximum size.

This Cockapoo size comes from cross-breeding a small Cocker Spaniel with a Miniature Poodle.

The Toy Cockapoo

  • This Cockapoo size ranges between 8 to 10 inches (20.32 to 25.4 centimeters). That is from shoulder to its paw. 
  • The average weight of a full-grown Toy Cockapoo is 12 pounds (5.44 kilograms). 

This Cockapoo size comes from cross-breeding an American or English Cocker Spaniel with a Miniature Poodle. 

The Full-grown Cockapoo 

  • This Cockapoo size grows to 18 inches (45.72 centimeters). That measurement is from shoulder to pad. 
  • The weight of a full-grown Cockapoo is 13 to 18 pounds (5.89 to 8.16 kilograms). However, this weight usually varies other times due to their parents’ sizes. Thus, they can still weigh up to 12 pounds (5.44 kilograms) in some cases.
  • They take an average of 6 months to grow to their maximum size. Others may take up to 9 months. 

The Cockapoos Personality 

Cockapoo dogs have different personalities. Most of the time, these personalities are the ones that attract humans to them. For this reason, you can already see that most of these personalities are positive. Cockapoo dogs are:

  • Friendly
  • Intelligent
  • Loving
  • Outgoing
  • Active 

Below is a further explanation of the Cockapoos Personalities:


Cockapoo dogs are amiable. They interact a lot by playing with people, especially children. This fact comes by because these dogs have a very high level of affection. 


Cockapoos are highly intelligent. They learn very quickly. The result comes from their enthusiastic nature. You can train them in a short time. 


These pets come to be very loving. In most cases, they get to forgive so quickly. Their high level of intelligence facilitates loving and forgiving. 


They are very outgoing. Their playfulness proves this fact. You can never find a shy Cockapoo dog. They always let themselves out in their best ways possible. 


Cockapoo dogs are very active. They love to play with adults, children, and other pets. Their level of activeness is proven when they are outside. These pets love to go out of the house and let out their full adrenaline. 

Their lack of shyness and a high level of playfulness increases their activeness to a very high level. These facts prove how Cockapoos are active. Therefore when getting one, you should be ready to indulge in some playful activities. 

Keep your Cockapoo dog fully engaged. The activeness means that they love to socialize. Socialization is essential for young ones. As a result, the young Cockapoos learn and grow up quicker. 

Finally, Cockapoos love to be together. These pets love to stick together in a Cockapoo family where they were brought up from. If this pet is separated from the original family, it will suffer from separation anxiety

When this pet suffers from separation, it might get so bad that it will lead to health problems. Therefore, separation anxiety is not something to take lightly to your Cockapoo. 

Cockapoo Breed Health Concerns

Like every other pet; Cockapoos also sometimes develop health concerns. The main concern when it comes to a Cockapoo is usually hybrid vigor. Hybrid vigor occurs when a usual breeding circle is introduced with new blood from outside.

As a result, this may lead to some complications. However, not all Cockapoos will get these complications, but some may acquire them. 

It is essential to grasp some knowledge on the following illnesses:

  • Patellar luxation
  • Cataracts
  • Allergies
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Ear infections
  • Liver disease

Below are further details of the diseases stated above. 

Patellar Luxation 

This condition is also known as slipped stifles. Smaller dogs are the ones most affected by this condition. The dislocation of an anatomical part is the one termed as Luxation. The patella is the kneecap.

Therefore, patellar luxation occurs when the joint joining the knee slides out of the correct place. When this situation takes place, it causes a lot of pain and thus makes your Cockapoo uncomfortable. 

However, some dogs may live normally with this disease. On the other hand, this condition can be treated. The treatment depends on the level of the disease. Medications for pain anti-inflammatory can be given in grade one and grade two in most cases. 


Poor vision resulting from the opacity of the eye lens is known as Cataracts. If your Cockapoo has this condition, you will notice some kind of cloudy appearance in your dog’s eyes. It may affect only one eye in some cases, but the diagnosis method is still the same. 

This eyesight disorder may mostly attack your Cockapoo during its old age. If your pet is still sticking around, the good news is that it can be treated and get back to normal. 

The treatment involves the removal of the cloudiness from the eyes using surgical methods. After this medical procedure, your Cockapoo will get its eyesight back to normal. 


The Cockapoo is not left behind when it comes to allergies. When it comes to specifically Cockapoos, there are usually three main types of allergies that affect them. These allergies are:

  • Contact allergies: Are caused by a reaction when a Cockapoo touches topical substances like dog shampoo, fleas, and other chemicals. 
  • Inhalant allergies: Airborne substances cause this. These substances can be dust, mildew, or pollen. Treatment may include medication or an environmental change. 
  • Food allergies: This allergy comes when a Cockapoo dog consumes specific food. The treatment of this allergy includes removing certain foods from the diet. 

Hip Dysplasia

This occurs when the thigh bone does not fit directly into the hip joint. If your Cockapoo dog suffers from this condition, you will notice it showing some kind of lameness or even pain. Other dogs may not show any physical signs. 

In most cases, only X-ray scanning shows this disorder. If this condition in your dog is not treated earlier, it may lead to arthritis. These results will take place as the Cockapoo ages. Therefore, keep a close eye on your Cockapoo to make sure the Hip Dysplasia does not worsen to terminal arthritis.

Ear Infections 

The Cockapoo has floppy cocker ears. These ears are wide, and therefore they can tend to trap dust into them. Debris and also mixture can also get in sometimes. Thus, if you do not regularly clean your dog’s ears, it will lead to infections.

These infections may get terminal to a point where it affects your dog’s hearing capability.  

Liver Disease

The liver disease can attack your Cockapoo in two different variations. These variations are copper toxicosis or chronic active hepatitis. In most cases, these two conditions come genetically. In some cases, it comes due to other situations. 

Therefore, before getting your Cockapoo, be sure to ask the breeder about the dog’s parent’s history. 

How to Care for a Cocker Spaniel Mixed With Poodle

Cockapoos require some level of special care to keep them well. For example, this dog requires you to maintain your weight at a certain required standard. Therefore, you will have to engage your Cockapoo in physical activities like daily outdoor walks to keep them fit. 

You can also maintain their weight by engaging them in games out at the yard. These games prove to be more engaging and effective in weight loss. 

Cockapoos should not be kept in outdoor kennels. You need to show it cares by socializing with it. At the kennel, the Cockapoo will suffer from boredom. The dog is meant for companionship, and thus, it likes to stay indoors unless it’s playtime or walk time. 

Create enough space in your house or apartment for your Cockapoo. You should ensure that your dog does not get into accidents while playing or moving indoors. This same fact applies to the outdoor environment around your pet. 

On the other hand, ensure that you provide your Cockapoo with the proper medical attention every time it’s sick. Remember to do regular medical checkups to ensure they are up and running correctly. 

Feeding Information on Cockapoos

You must always make sure that your Cockapoo is consuming the proper diet as it is supposed to. Their standard daily food is ¼ to ¾ cup of quality solid food. This amount of meal is usually divided into two portions. 

The average amount of food that your Cockapoo consumes in a day depends on its size, age, and health. The level of activity that it indulges in can also make the results differ. 

To keep your Cockapoo in proper shape, make sure you feed it twice a day with the correct amount of food. Make sure you buy the correct supplements to enhance your pet’s health. 

The Cockapoos Grooming Requirements

Cockapoos have a long coat. These coats range from curls that are straight to lose. However, you should always make sure that these curls are not kinky. 

Some people usually choose to clip the coat, but you should only trim from 2 to 3 inches (5.08 to 7.62 centimeters) long if you choose to trim. Near and around the eye, the hair should be well-trimmed. That trimming will help your pet when it comes to proper visibility. 

You should make sure that you brush the hair of your Cockapoo every day. This move will prevent your pet from generating bad odors and thus keep it fresh at all times. You may also choose to bathe your Cockapoo dog. But such an action should only be when it’s essential. 

You may choose to bathe your pet once after a long while. This will help maintain its health and retain coat oils. 

Cockapoo puppy in a field of flowers

How is the Poodle Cocker Spaniel Mix With Kids and Other Pets

As seen before in this article, the Cockapoo dog loves to play. Therefore it does well with young ones. These youngsters are usually kids. This dog interacts better with children who know how to deal with pets. 

The kids should know how to touch them and teach and approach them appropriately. Therefore you should always ensure that any youngster playing with a Cockapoo has this knowledge. 

Cockapoos love to be near children and other pets as well. Despite that fact, you should ensure that children or other pets do not approach a Cockapoo while it’s sleeping or feeding. The dog may get furious and cause harm due to such a move. 

Even though this dog is friendly, always supervise children and other pets while interacting with a Cockapoo. This is important just in case of anything. 

The Final Bark

The Cockapoo breed is your best option when looking for a pet, especially if you are a first-timer.

This article has provided you with the best information from the basics of what this breed is to how you can keep them and properly look after them. 

Now that you have all the knowledge concerning this pet, you may head to the pet store and bring your Cockapoo home with your chin up. 

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