Pawsome Goldendoodle Hair Cuts to Try

The Goldendoodle’s Grooming Requirements

Start a grooming routine for your Goldendoodle puppy early to ensure a lifetime of happy grooming. You can select for them the best Goldendoodle haircuts. If your Muppet baby is only a few months old, now is the best time to start!

Begin with finger-combing. Gently massage those adorable puppy paws regularly. Grooming is part of the duty of caring for your Goldendoodle, just like educating him to go potty outside. 

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Recipe for Goldendoodle Grooming

Many Goldendoodle owners are unsure whether brushing or bathing comes first. Which comes first: trimming or brushing? Here’s how to keep track of your Goldendoodle grooming styles at home:

Brushing and Combing Before Bathing

Which comes first: brushing or bathing? This is a crucial question to which I believe there is only one answer: brush first, then bathe.

Bathing your dog will “set the mat” and make it tighter if he has any. After brushing with the best brush for Goldendoodle grooming, comb the tangles out with a fine-tooth comb (beginning at the bottom and working up). Also, you should note that using a Goldendoodle grooming chart makes grooming easier.

In shorter periods, brushing may be more effective than brushing from head to tail in one sitting. So make sure you have a brushing plan for each day of the week, divided into groups. In addition, name each day’s activities with an alliterative word. 

Even with regular brushing, mats can form, particularly around the ears, collar, and inside the legs. Cornstarch is one of the favorite tips for gently removing tiny mats from matted dog hair.

Giving a Goldendoodle a Bath

It’s bath time after you’ve thoroughly brushed your Goldendoodle’s hair. Some Goldendoodle parents want to take their Goldendoodles into the shower with them. Why not get saturated since you’re going to get wet anyway?

Dry With a Towel

After a bath, gently towel dry your Goldendoodle by working with the coat’s grain rather than against it. Why? We’re doing everything we can to avoid matting and tangles.

Blow-Dry the Hair

You’ll want your Doodle’s hair to be completely dry before moving to step five, trimming their hair. Blow-drying the coat smooths it out and makes the hair straighter, even more trim.


Many Goldendoodle parents groom their dogs with dog clippers. Your “to-Doodle” list should include learning how to clip your dogs. Try grooming scissors with a circular tip, even if they have a round tip! Trim hair between the fingers of my free hand to avoid accidentally harming its skin.

Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Remember that Goldendoodle grooming covers toenail care as well. Even the most self-assured dog mom can be afraid of nail trims. It is pretty frightening.


“Do I need to brush my Goldendoodle’s teeth?” you might wonder if you have a Goldendoodle puppy. “Do there exist a doggie toothpaste?” “Yes and yes!” is the short answer. Brushing your Doodle’s teeth every day is one of the most effective methods to keep them healthy for the rest of their life. You should also only use dog toothpaste—never human toothpaste.

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Pawsome Goldendoodle Hair Cuts to Try

Do you have a Goldendoodle as a pet? The curly coats of Goldendoodles are one of the features that make them so beautiful.

That’s one of the main reasons for their creation and development in the first place. The Goldendoodle’s development is a careful plan to highlight the Poodle’s low dander and low shedding coat while highlighting the Golden Retriever’s family-friendly disposition.

You don’t have to settle for a conventional trim, though. Many various styles will suit your Goldendoodle and offer them their personality. And we’ll go over some of the most popular Doodle cuts, starting with the standard kennel cut and progressing to more radical styles.

Kennel Cut

It’s simple to see why this hairstyle is also known as the summer cut. Goldendoodles have thick, dense coats that can be a pain to keep clean in the summer. An excellent all-over shave can help them stay cool while still looking presentable.

Now, this does not imply that your dog will go bald. However, their coats will be substantially shorter than usual. Your dog’s hair will be short, with uniform length from nose to tail, a cleanly trimmed face, feet, and topknot in a conventional kennel cut.

That doesn’t rule out the possibility of customizing your dog’s kennel cut. You can have your dog’s groomer make unique adjustments for you, such as the varied tail, ear, and facial lengths while keeping the rest of his coat short.

While adaptable, the kennel cut lacks style and takes away one of your dog’s most distinguishing features—its curly coat. Other than heat problems, though, this trim has a lot of advantages. To begin with, it’s fantastic for keeping your pet’s maintenance to a minimum while also showcasing your pup’s stunning physique.

After a good run outside, you’re considerably less likely to collect random dirt, twigs, and bugs. Finally, when your dog has gone to the bathroom, you won’t find many dingleberries.

Puppy Cut (Teddy Bear Cut)

That’s because this Goldendoodle puppy cut is ridiculously adorable! Their coats and bodies have a design for this, so their coats and bodies have a design specifically for this. Their fluffy coats bring their attractiveness in this do, which most dogs look lovely.

Like the kennel cut, this hairdo is uniformly long all over the body. It’s cut with longer clippers or even scissors to give a poofy or bouffant style, rather than clipping short. It also helps your dog look younger, regardless of its age.

Some people refer to it as the teddy bear Goldendoodle haircut because of the unique customization options. The area around their snoot is a little longer against the backdrop of their face rather than being equally trimmed. This gives them a distinct, lively appearance.

Aside from making your dog seem adorable, the puppy cut has additional advantages. They can avoid mattes and tangles because of the short length. When it becomes colder, though, it leaves enough hair to keep them from entirely freezing out.

Poodle Cut

Goldendoodles are half-Poodles! Poodle cuts can strike without notice. If you have a hairstyle in mind, your groomer may disagree.

They aren’t doing this to irritate you. Due to their thick curly fur, mattes in Goldendoodles can be pretty deep. If your groomer is having trouble combing through your dog’s coat, they will need to shave it down. This keeps your dog happy and mat-free at the groomers.

Your dog will also have a neat low-cut face, back, tummy, and sides with a Poodle cut. However, the tops of their heads, ears, tails, and legs can usually keep a thicker, fluffier appearance than the rest of their body. If your dog doesn’t have a lot of matting, there’s a lot of room for customization — make sure you talk to your groomer first.

While many Goldendoodle owners prefer the Poodle cut, some dislike it. This hairstyle helps to make your dog appear older and more sophisticated. If you want to maintain their youthful appearance, you should choose something alternative.

Lamb Cut

Another standard Poodle style that the Goldendoodle has absorbed is the lamb cut. It’s a wonderfully cute Goldendoodle cut that makes your dog look like a loving little lamb. It is, nevertheless, a more daring cut than any on our list before it.

Your dog’s coat goes through clipping to an even inch all over its body to obtain this look. Their legs are a little longer and curved to give them a puffier, rounder appearance. Your groomer will delicately scissor the legs to incorporate them into the rest of the style, so it won’t be awkward.

Even though this cut has a very typical approach, you can still personalize the look. You could leave a higher topknot or shave your dog’s feet and face cleanly. Rounding out — and even fluffing out — your dog’s ears is a popular option. While the lamb cut is our most daring design yet, the following style takes things to a new level.

Lion Cut

The lion cut is one of those Goldendoodle haircut ideas to make your dog stand out. The lion cut, usually reserved for smaller dogs like the Pomeranian, accomplishes exactly what it says: it transforms your dog into a lion!

You can accomplish this by imitating a lion’s shaggy mane and trademark pom tail. Your dog’s coat will be cut short around the back, tummy, and legs with this style. To make the mane pop, they’ll keep it extending down their chests with minimal thinning.

You can add tiny elements to the lion cut. Flare or pom, the areas over your dog’s feet, is another option.

Mohawk Cut

A Goldendoodle mohawk cut is an excellent option for your Goldendoodle if you want him to have a cool hairstyle. The mohawk cut offers your Doodle a rockstar style while also revealing their personality—that they’re lively and fun!

You can accomplish this look by giving your dog a kennel cut with a fluffy mohawk running down their back, beginning at the top knot.

You’ve got some serious styling options with your Goldendoodle’s mohawk. First and foremost, how thick will your Doodle’s mohawk be? You can make it the same width as their topknot, but a popular technique is to cut the sides down and make it a little thinner. 

You’ll also need to figure out how long your puppy’s hawk is. Is it going to terminate somewhere between their shoulder blades? Or go a little further down their back? The most exciting aspect of a mohawk cut is the variety of colors you can color it! Sure, you can leave it alone and let it be its natural hue. If you’re going to give your dog a mohawk, you may as well go all out.

Dino Cut

This is by far the most absurd Goldendoodle haircut style on our list. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it! If you’ve ever wanted a dinosaur as a pet, your dog’s dino cut is probably the closest you’ll get.

The Goldendoodle’s coat appears almost too flawless for unusual stylings like this. Their dense coats enable them to make striking cuts and shapes. It’s a kennel cut with blocky tufts of hair running down their backs.

Be cautious when looking for a stylist to execute this style hair cut. Because it’s not a very typical look, your groomer may require specific instructions on achieving it.

Full Shave

While this Goldendoodle haircut isn’t as fashionable as the others on this list, it’s one that most dogs will have at some point in their lives. The thorough shave is precisely what it implies. It will entirely remove your Goldendoodle’s coat from head to toe.

While it may not seem pleasing at first, this is one of the most helpful Goldendoodle haircuts. Because your Doodle’s coat is thick and curly, mats and tangles are inevitable. You’ll have to deal with these challenges unless you spend a lot of time grooming every day.

You may get rid of all those pesky mats and other coat clumps by giving your dog a complete shave. This allows you to start fresh in the future and style as you see fit. This can also be a summer choice for people who live in intense heat or tropical areas.

The Importance of Keeping Your Goldendoodle Groomed

Getting your golden to accept grooming procedures such as teeth brushing, nail clipping, bathing, and ear cleanings will help keep your dog healthy and happy.

Brushing your dog’s teeth at least twice a week, trimming his nails at least once a month, bathing him once a month (more times if dirty), checking his ears periodically, and cleaning them with an ear cleaner if they have an odor or are red are all recommended.

How Often Should Goldendoodles be Cut?

Goldendoodles have lovely, varied coats that require regular care to keep them looking and feeling their best.

It is advisable to groom a Goldendoodle every four to six weeks at the very least. Goldendoodles can obtain shorter haircut styles after eight weeks. On the other hand, long specialty styles may necessitate weekly grooming appointments.

It is essential to speak to your groomer to choose the ideal style for your preferences, budget, and lifestyle.

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Maintaining Your Goldendoodle’s Hair at Home

Do you want to keep your dog’s coat healthy between grooming appointments? With the correct routines, grooming products, and resources, you can easily maintain your Goldendoodle’s hair at home.

You should comb your curly-coated dog every day to avoid bothersome matting and knots. You should also give your Goldendoodle high-quality dog food and bathe your dog with professional pet shampoos and conditioners to maintain the coat moisturized and healthy.

Choose a simple haircut for your adorable Goldendoodle when in doubt to reduce at-home maintenance. Our groomer has some advice for you:

  • Use a slicker brush to brush your drawing daily.
  • Use a detangling comb to remove any tangles.
  • To prevent knots, use a detangling shampoo and a pet conditioning spray.
  • Have your dog groomed professionally every four to six weeks.
  • Pay particular care to regions prone to matting, such as the armpits and legs.
  • When not in use, remove collars or harnesses permanently to avoid mat formation.
  • Do not attempt to remove mats on your own; leave it to the specialists!

Doodles are a fantastic breed that will make an excellent addition to any family if you can commit to maintaining their coat.

A Cut Above the Rest!

Not every Goldendoodle haircut style on this list is appropriate for every dog. Although polarizing cuts like the dino or the Goldendoodle mohawk give a lot of personalities, they don’t always make for a good fit.

On the other hand, you know your dog better than anybody else. You can get incredibly inventive with your Goldendoodle’s hairstyle if they have the chops to pull it off.

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