What is a Puppuccino?

What is Puppuccino?

The term puppuccino sounds fancy, right? But, what is a puppuccino? It is a unique Starbucks menu item for dogs– a small espresso cup filled with whipped cream. The term puppuccino is a combination of two words, “pup” and “cappuccino.”

However, you will not find the puppuccinos on the Starbucks official menu, meaning you will not find them on the app. Luckily, Starbucks baristas know what it is, so you can order it by name. Suppose you are wondering this Starbucks dog treat is perfectly safe for your furry friend unless it has digestive challenges.

Woman Is Holding Dog Drinking Coffee

What is in a Puppuccino?

To ensure that this Starbucks dog drink is safe, you need to know what it contains. Contrary to what the suggests, the puppuccino does not have any coffee. It is simply sweetened whipped cream. On the other hand, the whipped cream is made of vanilla syrup and cream. The vanilla syrup contains sugar.

Can Dogs Have Whipped Cream?

Yes. Most dogs can enjoy a few spoonfuls of whipped cream safely. However, if you have never treated your dogs with dairy products before, it would help to talk with your veterinarian first. Moreover, if your dog has digestive issues or cannot dairy and dairy products, it cannot enjoy this treat.

Interesting Facts about the Starbucks Dog Treat

Some interesting facts about puppuccino Starbucks you should know include:

  • Puppuccino is a combination of two words, “pup” and “cappuccino.”
  • The puppuccino is not on the Starbucks official menu.
  • However, it might make it to the official Starbucks menu because Starbucks has already applied for a trademark.
  • The ingredients in the whipped cream for dogs are generally safe for canines.  
  • What’s more, the puppuccinos are free of charge! However, you can get a paid drink or tip the baristas.
  • The unique Starbucks for dogs treat does not contain any coffee, unlike its name suggests.
  • Puppuccinos come in one size. But, you can get it in an espresso cup or short-sized cup, depending on the store.
  • While ordering the puppuccino, you can simply ask for a “little whipped cream on the side.”
Dog Drinking from Coffee Cup

Is the Pup Cup Good for Dogs?

Treating your furry friend with a pup cup once in a while is safe for most canines. Nonetheless, it is better to ask your vet for advice to be sure. For example, if your dog has digestive issues, you probably know that dairy is a no-go zone.

Also, it would help if you remembered that a lot of dairy could cause your dog tummy troubles. In this sense, ensure you stick to one pup cup per dog.  

Is the Starbucks Dog Drink Safe for Lactose-Intolerant Dogs?

Many dogs are lactose intolerant. However, small quantities of milk and milk products will not affect your canine negatively. However, suppose your dog experiences diarrhea, vomiting, or gas after taking a milk product; you should consider avoiding dairy altogether. This applies even to the Starbucks puppuccino.

Moreover, it is critical to note that dog size determines the amount of lactose it can tolerate. For example, bigger dogs weighing 20 pounds (9 kilograms) usually tolerate more. But, it is wise to seek the counsel of a vet before treating your dog with a puppuccino.     

Can I Bring my Dog to the Starbucks Drive Through?

Yes. Nowadays, dogs are more welcome at Starbucks. Moreover, Starbucks even encourages doggy drive-through rides with their unique menu items for dogs. If you are worried about the price of the Starbucks dog treat your dog will have, you need to relax! At the moment, your furry friend can enjoy the Starbucks puppuccino for free!

However, you might have to tip the barista as it might feel weird to walk to the barista and ask for a free drink. Before taking your canine for the drive-through, it is wise to talk to your vet for advice.  

Dog Sitting Beside a Laptop and Coffee Cup


Dogs have enjoyed going with their human friends on a Starbucks run for many years. This is mainly because they also get to leave with their drink: the Starbucks puppuccino. So far, this dog treat has remained on the secret menu.

However, plans by Starbucks to make it official are in the pipeline. In May 2021, Starbucks filed to trademark “puppuccino” in collaboration with “pet bandanas.” So, you can comfortably treat your canine with whip cream for dogs once in a while. But, suppose your dog has digestive issues, then it cannot handle this treat. If you are not sure, please consult your vet first.

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