What You Need To Know About Poodle Ear Hair Removal

The Importance of Poodle Ear Hair Removal

Poodle ear hair removal is a very beneficial activity for your dog. The removal of the hair brings good health to your pet and an elegant look in addition. However, the Poodle ears hair grows out of control so fast if you do not give your dog proper attention. 

When the ear hair overgrows, your dog may start to experience health problems. For that reason, remember to be keen on your Poodle ears hair all the time. 

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A Step By Step Guide To Poodle Hair Removal 

You should always follow a routine to make sure that your Poodle is always up to date whenever it comes to the cleanliness of its ears. To properly remove the overgrowing hair in dogs’ ears, you need to follow a particular procedure. 

The particular procedure will help you in taking out the hair efficiently and at the same time maintaining the comfortability of your Poodle. 

Below are the steps that you should follow to achieve positive results in Poodle ear hair removal:

  • Clean the ears of your Poodle: When it comes to Poodle ear hair removal, ear cleaning is an essential part. As a Poodle-owner, you should check your dog carefully for a build-up of wax, foul smell, and even dirt. Using a good cleaning solution, clean the ears slowly and at ease. Make sure that the Poodle’s ears are dry after you are finished. 
  • Apply ear powder: Remember to use some dog-ear hair removal powder in the Poodle ears. Shake some powder into the dog’s ears by folding the ears backward. You may choose to use the special Bio-Groom ear powder. This powder is available physically in pet shops and on the internet. Ear powder comes in handy to assist you in getting a hold of the Poodle ears with ease. For that fact, the powder proves to be very beneficial in reducing pain to the Poodle during the process. 
  • Work the powder in: After applying the special dog ear hair removal powder to the Poodle’s ears, spread it all through the ear using your hand. Be sure to distribute the powder from top to bottom and around the ear. 
  • Use tweezers: Pluck out the overgrown hair from your Poodle’s ear canal directly. To ensure that your Poodle is comfortable during dog ear plucking, you should never forget to be gentle at all times. You may also opt to use your own hands for ear plucking instead of tweezers to be more delicate. During ear plucking of this excess hair, remember to remove only small amounts of it at a time. You should not rush; rushing may harm your dog, resulting in other Poodle ear infections. That result comes when you leave an open wound during plucking out of the hair. 
  • Clean the remaining amount of powder out of the ear: After completely removing all the excess hair from your Poodle’s ears, there is always some amount of dog ear hair removal powder remaining inside. For that reason, you will have to apply a cleaning solution. Apply the cleaning solution to the ear by using a soft cotton ball that has to be clean at the same time. The above steps will assist you in making sure that your dog looks physically appealing and clean at the same time. Remember to do the above procedure again, at least not after a very long time. 

The Importance of Cleaning a Poodles Ears

Cleaning your dog’s ears is an essential part of keeping your Poodle healthy. However, you may often notice that the Poodle keeps acquiring infections even after maintaining its outer general cleanliness. Most of the time, the reason for that problem usually begins with dirty ears. 

Overgrowing hair in dogs’ ears can attract a lot of dirt. The dirt remains in the ear for quite some time and generates germs in return. From there, infections will begin to arise, leading to the sickness of your Poodle. 

If the ear canal of your Poodle gets infected, it will lead to a lot of pain. However, if the ear canal goes untreated, it may lead to further critical health problems. 

Another important reason for cleaning your Poodle’s ears is beautifying its exterior looks. Hairs over growing from your Poodle’s ears look bad. But, of course, you do not want an awful look for your Poodle. 

For these reasons, always remember to include Poodle ear cleaning into your Poodle’s general cleaning list. Taking such a step will be very beneficial in that it will keep your Poodle spackling and much healthy at the same time. 

How To Clean A Poodles Ears (Before Hair Removal)

Cleaning your dog’s ears makes the Poodle ear hair removal process quite simple for you and the Poodle itself. For that reason, there are several steps you should keep in mind to have a successful ear cleaning process. The procedure is:

  • Use a perfect Poodle ear cleaning solution – In the market, there are several dog ear cleaning solutions that you may choose from. Be sure to select the one you are entirely comfortable with.  Each package has special procedures to follow before using the solution. Always read them carefully to get accurate results. After reading the instructions, slowly tip the side of your Poodle’s head to one side. Use one of your hands to hold up the ear flap. While doing that process, pour a tiny amount of the cleaning solution inside directly, and; 
  • Insert a big ball of cotton: After the cleaning solution is already inside the ear, you should now add in a large cotton ball immediately. First, make sure that the ball of cotton reaches the ear canal. Next, put the cotton at the opening of the ear canal. 
  • Use a unique ear massaging technique: A proper massaging technique will make the ear solution spread better inside the canal. Remember that the main goal is for that solution to spread properly inside the Poodle ears. The unique massaging style also helps lose up and separate ear specks of dirt and wax. 
  • Remove the cotton ball: After thoroughly massaging the whole ear correctly, you can now carefully remove the cotton ball from the inside. After removing the cotton, check inside the ear canal once again and confirm if there are still traces of dirt and wax. In case there is, take another round of cleaning. Remember never to attempt using the Q-tip to clean your Poodle’s ears. Such a move may lead to complete damage to the inner ear. The process may also result in other dog ear infections after grooming.  
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FAQs To Poodle Ear Plucking And Hair Removal

Should I Pluck My Poodle’s Ear Hair?

Yes, you should pluck your Poodle’s hair at least every two to four weeks. You should make ear-plucking a routine for grooming your Poodle. The ear canal adds up hair very quickly. It may be difficult for you to keep track of it. That reason is why a grooming routine comes in quite handy. 

Pluck your Poodle’s hair to allow a proper airflow together with conditions that cannot allow any bacterial growth. In case you have been looking for the best way of removing overgrowing hair from the inside of your dog’s ears, then plucking is the best choice. 

Poodles are very prone to having hair growth inside their ear canals. Unfortunately, this hair growth has no biological or scientific way of stopping it. For that reason, the only option available is to maintain a keen eye on the ear hair growth level and pluck out every excess bit of it every time. 

Some of the other Poodle varieties, such as the standard and the miniature, usually grow longer hairs in the ears that negatively affect the flow of air in the canal. This reason makes ear grooming much more critical. 

Several reasons make ear plucking the best removal of excess hair from a Poodle’s ears. First, the process usually removes the whole hair together with every strand. But after at least only two weeks, the ear hair will grow back, and you will need to pluck out the hair again. 

The ear hair usually grows back because the hair follicle never comes out during dog ear plucking. This follicle facilitates the whole ear hair growing process again and again after plucking. 

How and When to Pluck Your Poodles Hair

Pulling dog ear hair should happen some minutes or an hour after he finishes eating and playing. Such a move will make the process of plucking out the Poodle ear hair easy because he would already be tired and full. For that reason, the Poodle will be calm and less stubborn. 

There is no single specific position that is perfect for you to use during the Poodle ear hair removal process. You need to make several trials by yourself and see which position fits your Poodle comfortably. After finding the perfect position for your dog, stick to that spot every time during ear plucking. 

You can start the plucking process immediately after applying the special dog ear hair removal powder. First, gently remove the overgrowing ear hair using tweezers or your hands. Then, follow the guide above in this article to properly pluck out the excess ear hair. 

Remove the excess ear hair by holding it and jerking it out quickly. Plucking it out once and speedily after having it makes it very easy and comfortable for your dog. Your Poodle is always eagerly waiting for you to finish this process. For that reason, make it quick. 

Only pluck out the ear hair that you can see. You may harm your dog’s ear canal when you overdo the hair removal process. Further removal of the ear hair has positive results in that your dog will be more sparkling and safe in terms of health. But a veterinarian is the only person that can further reach such plucking levels.

Why Should I Remove Hair From My Poodles Ears?

Removing the excessively growing hair out of the ears of your Poodle is an essential process. The most critical part is that it maintains the health of your dog. This particular breed of dog can grow a lot of ear hair since it has pretty huge ears. 

For such a reason, the ear canal can go through complete blockage, becoming dark inside. The blockage always comes from the excess overgrowing hair. Once this scenario happens, dirt will build up inside together with too much wax. This happening will, in turn, lead to the breeding of bacteria bringing illnesses to your dog.

Remember to make a proper check around the Poodle ears to ensure that the dog is fully clean. Remove any dirt buildup and ear wax. You can clean the ears of your Poodle at least once in one month. You may further shorten this period if you have more time by cleaning it at least once every week. 

Shortening the cleaning gap is much more beneficial in that there will be less dirt build-up and excess hair. For that reason, your dog will be more appealing physically and healthwise. 

How Will I Know If My Poodle Has an Ear infection?

A non-normal kind of smell from the ears is one of the most common ways of finding out if your Poodle has an ear infection. You may further see more characteristics like dizziness, bouts, shaking the Poodle’s head, and a discharge with color. 

Bacteria is usually the primary cause of ear infections in Poodles. However, in some cases, the ear infection causes may vary. 

Below are further explanations of different noticeable Poodle ear infection symptoms:

  • A discharge with color coming out from the ear canal: You may notice a green or even black liquid coming out of the Poodle’s ear. This discharge is usually wax from the inner canal of the ear. When you notice this discharge, know that it is not normal, and the leading cause is a chronic bacterial infection of the ear. In some cases, you might not see the discharge, but you will notice traces of puss coming from the ear. The puss is also a clear indication of severe ear infection. 
  • Constant shaking of the head: If you notice that your Poodle is suddenly shaking its head uncontrollably, know that its ears have an infection. 
  • Abnormal smells: The Poodle ears should never give out any kind of crazy odors. If such a case occurs, it would indicate that your dog is going through a bacterial ear infection. 
  • Continual rubbing: Ear infections are not relaxing. Your Poodle may experience severe itchiness, and thus, it would constantly be rubbing itself at the ears in an attempt to ease the itchiness. If you notice this kind of rubbing, know that your dog has an ear infection. 
  • Abnormal eye movements: Unusual movements of the eye indicate an infection of the middle ear of your Poodle. Take your dog to a veterinarian for special treatment quickly if you see this happening. You should take such a move because infections of the middle ear can be so chronic. 
  • Noticeable bouts of dizziness: An ear infection of the Poodle affects its stability in some cases. Your Poodle may experience dizziness and begin to fall once in a while. However, this scenario only happens in exceptional circumstances, but it is still a sign of ear infection for you to look at. 

The Pros and Cons of Poodle Ear Plucking

Some of the pros of ear plucking are:

  • Your Poodle will have a proper flow of air into the ear canal.
  • Plucking prevents germs build-up that leads to sickness.
  • Finally, the process enhances the outward appearance of your Poodle in that your dog looks more appealing. 
  • Finally, plucking makes your dog comfortable and happy since a lot of hair in the ears irritates it to a considerable extent. 

Despite having the above advantages of ear plucking, there are also several cons that you should know. These cons are:

  • The plucking process can be pretty long and painful to the Poodle itself.
  • If you do not remove the hair slowly during plucking, you may harm the Poodle leading to a dog ear infection after grooming. 
  • The plucking process is relatively slow, meaning you need to take a lot of time and be careful as well. 

What Are The Alternatives to Poodle Ear Plucking

There are other ways to get the hair out of dogs’ ears. Another way of removing excess hair from your dog’s ear is to perform a trim. You can carefully trim the inside of the ear flap all around to the ear canal. If you are not good at trimming, you may ask your veterinarian to help you. 

Another alternative is to apply a special wax that prevents hair in the ear from growing excessively. If you choose to use this method, you need to apply the wax several times a month to enhance its effectiveness. 

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Poodle ear hair removal is an excellent method of maintaining your Poodle’s ear hygiene. This process keeps your dog’s ear health at a five-star rate and, at the same time, maintains its natural physical beauty. This article gives you all the steps and information that you require to pluck out excess hair from your Poodle in the correct way. 

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