Your Complete Beagle Poodle Mix Blueprint

What is a Poogle?

A Poogle, also called the beagle poodle mix, is a crossbreed between purebred beagle and poodle. How special must this canine be; a crossbreed of two of the top ten awesome dogs, bringing the best of both worlds. 

It goes by various name variations, including the Doodle nomenclature. Doodle nomenclature helps to distinguish between poodle hybrids and designer dogs. This elegant variation of the already magnificent poodle breed is a graceful dog that can accomplish anything, and five competitive associations and registries currently recognize it.

Loved and embraced by most households that can afford it, the Poogle is an affectionate dog with a steady disposition, tireless energy, and vibrancy of the beagle and bears the less-shading soft coat and watchful agility (though not in large portions) of the poodle. They range in size, but most are quite small, having the Toy and Teacup poodle bloodlines.


A Poogle Dog Breed Overview

The Poogle is a designer dog that is a breed of the elegant poodle and lovely beagle. 

Parents of Poogle

To learn the essence of Poogle and what makes it tick, you will need to learn about Poogle’s parents. 

Like wondering who a newborn baby will look like, we are always curious to know which parent the Poogle turns out to be. As an aspiring dog owner, it’s important that you like both parents.


The poodle, full of energy, was created to hunt ducks in Germany. Even though it is of the Non-Sporting Group, the American Kennel Club (AKC) allows it to take part in an exception class known as Retriever Hunting Tests.

You will find the poodle in three distinct sizes: the Miniature, the Toy, and the Standard. Before you get yourself a Poogle, confirm with your poogle breeder the size of its poodle parent. The answer you get will determine the Poogle to expect even though nature always has its way in matters of genetics.

A poodle is desirable due to its Hypoallergenic curly coat and sheds much less than other dogs, so people like the Doodle mix more. The beagle poodle mix is quite zestful and intelligent at the same time. You will need to engage it to keep it jolly the entire day. The poodle greatly appreciates mental stimulation through mind-engaging games and toys.

Poodles aren’t the lapdog everyone thinks they are, but they love to cuddle up and snuggle with their human friends after all the day’s activities have exhausted them. The poodle is friendly to strangers and loves to get all the attention in the room.


The beagle is one unique pup whose height is 13–16 in (33–41 cm) and weighs 22–25 lb (10.0–11.3 kg) for dogs. It was first recognized in England in 1885 due to breeding little hunting hounds to track rabbits. 

The beagle has a tan, white, black color combination with long ears that lie against the head. As is with many hounds, their eyes are soft and pleading. The beagle has consistently topped the ranks of the most popular dog breeds. You will love the very laid-back and happy-go-lucky vibe of this canine as it seamlessly fits into your family.

Because of their great scent abilities, landowners traditionally kept beagles to hunt hare and deer, a beagling activity. The name beagle is from a French word that means ‘loud mouth.’ 

If you have come across the beagle, you will understand what we mean. As much as it is friendly to strangers, the beagle will announce the arrival of all your guests through barks and tail-wags, which means it makes for an excellent watchdog. 

These cuddly buddies need and thrive when doing exercises. They require daily walks but also love to sleep their afternoons away. They love attention as much as belly rubs.


The Poogle could be a blend of both parents, or he could much more be like one parent. Please prepare yourself for any eventuality. Thankfully, bred puppies are, in most cases, a well-balanced mix of both parents. As you are aware, the Poogle can either be a blend of both of his parents or more like one compared to the other. 

A Poogle is a low-maintenance pup because its coat has little to no shedding fur. You will tolerate a Poogle better than other dogs. The length of their fur ranges from medium to long and straight or curly.

Being a breed of poodle, a Poogle is one of the highly intelligent canines that are always eager to please its master. You can easily train the Poogle puppies since they have nimble minds to pick up things taught to them and love to show off. The Poogle is eager to please their master. 

Breeders and Puppy Costs

A Poogle puppy will cost about $700 and above if it is from a reputable breeder. Their prices are a bit low because they are a rare doodle mix compared to Labradoodles or Goldendoodles. 

Look for a reputable breeder who will do all they can to ensure you get yourself a healthy, happy puppy. Your chances of getting a lower standard-bred puppy are quite low. They will provide you with health clearances and can meet the puppy’s parents in person.

Unscrupulous backstreet breeders are unbothered with the puppies’ health, and all care about breeding pupils to maximize profits. Do not be deceived by low prices because it means that the pup is likely neglected and unhealthy.

A Brief History on the Poogle

The parents of the Poogle have a long history that stretches back hundred years. This canine is a hybrid or designer dog that became popular in 1980. Several competitive associations, including the American Canine Hybrid Club, recognize the Poogle as a breed. 

It originated in the United States. Even though detailed documentation of this hybrid does not exist, no associations of scientists have penned standards regarding their physical traits. However, you can expect several beagle and poodle traits to manifest. You could review the particular histories of both parents to get insight.


Contrary to popular belief, the poodle originated from Germany and not France. In the 15th century in Germany, it was known as the Waterfowl dog. This ancient dog can be traced back to Egypt through the breed being much older. 

In the 100s, the Toy and Miniature poodles developed. The poodle has three varieties in sizes, namely, the Standard, Toy, and Miniature poodles. For centuries, the Toy poodles were companions, while the Miniature and Standard poodles relished hunting and working.

In 1887, the poodle gained recognition from the American Kennel Club and topped the Charts for two decades (between the 1950s and 1970s) as the most popular dog in the United States. It is still the most popular canine for households and individuals.


The beagle is one breed that has gone through great challenges and has stood the test of time to become one of the most sought-after dogs. This canine has an uncertain history. It arrived in England with the Romans or came through the Northern invasion in the 11th century. 

The beagle performed the task of hunting before losing favor to faster and larger dogs such as gundogs and foxhunting in 1700. It was almost becoming extinct had it not been for the intervention of Reverend Phillip Honeywood, who established a pack of Essex beagles that went on to become the standard and ancestors of the beagles

The Essex beagle was bred solely for function and not looks. They later imported them to the USA to Hunting Rabbits. In 1885 the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized the beagle breed, and it consistently ranked top five in popularity rating.

The Beagle Poodle Mix Temperament and Appearance

Poogle Temperament 

The poodle and beagle mix is an elegant, family-oriented dog that loves its people. They are hearty, and kids love them. They have the beagle’s trait of watchfulness and being vocal through barking. You will find them friendly to strangers while engaging their curiosity which helps to notify you of anyone approaching.

They also have the beagle’s trait to coexist peacefully with other pets like the family kitty. Still, the prey mindset may make them aggressive towards small animals other than the family pets.

The Poogle, like the other poodle, needs to be trained early enough and with so much patience to curb stubbornness. Remember to stimulate their minds and train them consistently daily.

Poogle Appearance

How does a Poogle look? The look of a beagle poodle mix greatly depends on the looks of its parents. It shares many physical traits with its parents, including color and coat. Its beagle parent takes the Miniature and Standard sizes. 

The Poogle’s parent also comes in different sizes. The sizes include Toy, Miniature, and Standard. Breeders usually breed the standard-sized beagle and the miniature-sized poodle. This Poogle puppy is the same size as another popular beagle mix called Beagador.

For most owners of Poogles, size is a factor. They will require to see the parents’ size to quantify the growth potential of their puppy.

The poodle beagle mix ranges in size from small to medium and has an uncanny semblance to a bear, the canine version. They have large round pleading eyes that are dark in color. The length of their ears is the medium of poodles’ short ears and beagles’ long ears, which are medium-sized floppy ears that hang down. 

The nose of the poodle is medium-sized and ranges from black to brown color that blends in with coat color. The coat of the Poogle, on the other hand, is similar to that of its poodle parent, which ranges from wavy to curly.

The Poogle has a sturdy, strong body with straight legs, luscious coat covers, and an athletic set of bones. It has a sickle-shaped tail as long as the beagle’s tail.

Every canine is unique in appearance, so does the appearance of the Poogle vary. Overall, the appearance of the Poogle varies drastically, even between poodle mix puppies in the same litter.

Beagle Dog Playing

The Poodle Beagle Mix Size and Coat Colors


A full-grown beagle poodle mix size ranges from 6-16 in (15-40 cm). The size of a Beaglepoo parent is dependent on whether the poodle parent is a Miniature or Toy poodle

The weight of a Poogle is between 11- 25 lb (5-11 kg). The female Poogle is significantly larger than the male Poogle. Puppies attain their adult height by the sixth month but take longer to fill out in terms of weight.

Below is a chart illustrating the different weights and heights of male and female Poogle adults

Beagle Poodle MixHeight (In)Height (cm)Weight (lb)Weight (cm)
Male6-  815- 217- 133- 6
Female4-  610- 157- 113- 5

Coat Color

The Poogle’s coat’s form tends to lean mostly on the poodle’s parent side, just like most Beagledoodle mixes. This distinctive coat is curly in form and takes the color from his poodle parent, such as cream, black, apricot, red, silver, and brown. 

The Poogle will also sport the traditional hunting colors of the beagle. There is a chance that he could have inherited from the poodle parent.

Poogle puppies are preferable because of their hypoallergenic coat, like the poodle parent. The Beaglepoo sheds less, especially if he has inherited the Toy or Miniature poodle coat traits. You cannot count on Poogles that take after the Beagle parent side. Do not expect them to be hypoallergenic because the hair is shorter, coarser, and tends to shed a bit more.

The Ideal Living Arrangements and Exercise for Poogle Dogs


Like its parents, the Poogle dog is an active hybrid with high to moderate energy levels that needs to have an outlet for all the energy pumps. You, therefore, have to schedule walks and exercises every single day.

If they are more like their beagle parent, then expect to convince you that it does not need walks with its large puppy eyes. 

This canine needs at least one hour of exercise daily to stay sane and healthy. Make sure to incorporate a variety of exercises for this intelligent dog. Do you need a jogging partner or a flyball partner in your backyard? The Poogle’s got you covered. 

Walk your pup to the local doggy park, and they will relish making new friends. Take note of the weather outside because your Poogle loves warmer weather. If it gets cold, adorn your pup with warm clothes and take it for walks.

With the Poogle loaded with poodle genes, you will have an easy time with it in the water. They are water puppies. However, if it has the beagle parent gene, with shorter legs and a longer body, it might not have the frame for it. Be sure to invest in a life jacket for this dog if it does not have the Poodle’s long legs so that they can enjoy being in the water.

Living conditions

They are very adaptable to living conditions as long as they get their daily exercise. They can live in small apartments or larger estates, only to ensure there is someone to watch them for the better part of the day. They will be a happy Poogle.

It does not take much to keep and raise a Poogle. Your dog will thrive in a house with a small backyard. If you have a small backyard, keep it well fenced because Poogle is prey-driven and may chase after wild animals. Your Poogle can adapt to an apartment and urban living if you take it to the park or for walks outside to get in exercise.

Is it Easy to Train a Beagle Poodle Mix?

Training a Poogle is both easy and difficult at the same time. Keep in mind that this dog has inherited positive and negative traits of earning from both parents. Overall, the Beaglepoo is an intelligent puppy, but there is a chance that it may have inherited the stubbornness of its beagle parent. Start training your Beaglepoo once you get it to avoid potential misbehavior.

The first thing to teach is socialization to build confidence. Introduce the Poogle to a new environment, strangers, and unfamiliar animals as much as you can in a controlled environment. Let them have a sniff as much as possible and play with them. 

Also, exposing them to loud noises like the vacuum cleaner and walking on the sidewalk will greatly help them.

You should teach your simple dog commands as soon as you get them, such as ‘sit down, among others. Show it and teach it the discipline to increase their chances of being obedient when it gets older.

Your beagle poodle mix loves human company and will suffer separation anxiety when left alone for long periods hence the need to train your poodle. 

Crate training is ideal for your Poogle dog because dogs are naturally denning animals and love being in enclosed places. A crate provides them with a sense of security. If you crate train them at their formative stages, it helps them calm anxiety.

Understanding the personality and intelligence of both parents is crucial for training. Beagles are known as the ‘loyal companion’ but still need training to follow commands. We know a well-trained dog goes to the bathroom outside and does not tear things. 

Train it to keep focused because it easily gets distracted and will run towards the thing that has grabbed its attention.

On the other hand, a poodle parent is one of the most intelligent dog breeds, in that you can easily teach some tricks that not every dog can accomplish. 

To train it better, you need to include regular exercise and mental stimulation. One downside to this breed is that they can easily get bored. So you will need to line up interesting activities to captivate them. You can get them some toys to help beef up their sensory experience. 

Remember, you deal with a highly-intelligent dog with a relatively short attention span. Overall, you’re dealing with a highly astute dog with a relatively short concentration span. You will need to understand how to balance these traits to train them better. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind:

  • Reward good behavior. It is key to keep your Poogle motivated during training, and the way to do this is through positive reinforcement. Please give them a treat once you have taught them a trick and learned it. The more you reward their good behavior, the better they perform during training and in everyday life.
  • Learn to keep their attention. You must teach your dog to focus. Start by strengthening your bond. Try to find out what grabs your Poogle’s attention by learning about their personality. You will have then succeeded in making them focus on training. 
  • Teach the dog to recognize you. Your beagle poodle can be very distracting contrary to their adorable temperament. Train the Poogle to obey, and in doing so, you establish to them that you are the alpha and that they should toe the line. Whenever they are straying during training, use attention grabbers such as dog clickers and whistles so you can focus more on acuminating their skills.
  • Ensure regular exercise. An active Poogle dog is more trainable. Take your Poogle canine for daily walks and let them roam in your backyard. Part of their exercise should be letting them play with other dogs because they enjoy socializing and meeting new people.

Poogle Dog Health Concerns

Poogles mix is prone to certain health issues inherited from their parents. They include the following: 

Beagle Dwarfism

Poogle may inherit dwarfism from their beagle parent is a condition wherein the dog is a lot smaller than usual. If your Poogle has shorter legs than usual and is smaller than other dogs of the same breed, it likely suffers from dwarfism.

Hip Dysplasia

This condition is where your dog’s hip is abnormal in its formation. If you notice this in your dog, consult a veterinarian to avoid it escalating to arthritis and crippling lameness. One common cause of this condition is overeating. It is key you stick to your diet and recommended meal plan. 


This is when your dog’s thyroid gland produces too much. Your dog will show symptoms such as weight gain but no appetite changes, thinner than regular coats, and skin diseases. The Poogle will shed more excessively than usual. Once you detect these symptoms, take your dog to the vet for treatment.

Intervertebral Disk Disease

This condition occurs when there is compression in your Poogle’s spinal column due to fluid imbalance. This condition causes serious issues, such as sensation concerns, back and neck soreness, decreased bowel control, and the worst being paralysis. Take your pup to the vet if you observe any of these symptoms.

Nutritional Requirements of Beagle Poodle Mixes

The following are some of the most nutritional tips to note for your Poogle puppy:

  • Feed your Poogle 1 cup of food daily spread across two to three meals.
  • Ensure that the diet is well balanced and includes protein, carbohydrates, healthy omega fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. You will find a well-balanced diet in high-quality kibble.
  • Omega fatty acids are responsible for making your Poogle have a healthy and smart coat. Ingredients such as fish oil, fish, sunflower, canola, and flaxseeds are excellent sources.
  • Every life stage of the Poogle has specific dietary requirements. Be sure to feed them appropriate food. And if they are so tiny, look for a kibble that is small enough for them to eat. Small breed puppy food will be appropriate.
  • Watch out for overeating, especially if they inherited their beagle parent’s appetite. Keep an eye on their food intake; otherwise, they might become overweight.

Poogle Grooming Requirements

Every Poogle doodle deserves a good hair day. The brushing requirements of a beagle poodle are determined by whether it inherited a short coat or long coat. If the coat is short, you may brush your Poogle every other day with a max of three days per week. 

Longer coats will require you to brush them daily to minimize tangling. Let not shedding worry you since Poogles are known to shed less. 

Aside from the fur, trim your dog’s nails and clean its teeth. Clean its ears and eyes diligently using eyes and ear wipes for dogs. Give it baths once every 8 to 12 weeks, using dog shampoo to keep its coat fresh and clean. 

Your dog will love you more for that. Grooming can be a tedious process. If you don’t have the energy to do it, take the Poogle to the groomers for proper cleaning.

How is Poogle as Family Dogs?

Poogles are family dogs. How do we then know whether it’s suitable for your family?

One characteristic of a Poogle is that it is playful and loves to mess around in the backyard with its owner. It loves attention and does everything for recognition. They are needy dogs and hate to be left alone as they might suffer from separation anxiety. The Poogle’s affectionate nature makes them a great cuddle buddy.

One valuable trait of the Poogle is its watchfulness. Because it’s very vocal, you can bet that you will receive a notification from your Poogle whenever anyone is coming in. Your guests are safe with the Poogle as it is friendly with strangers. 

They are quite energetic and active, needing daily exercise, meaning that you will have yourself a faithful jogging partner. The Poogle makes a good canine sibling for your children and other pets.

Girl Playing with Her Dog Beagle

Final Thoughts

The Poogle is one sweet, cuddly pup you’ll love for its loyalty. You may want to acquire one but find it pricey for you. Consider rescuing one from your local rescue shelter. You may end up finding a beagle poodle mix for adoption. If there is none, you might have to wait a while for it.

Alternatively, look for dedicated rescue organizations that rehome certain breeds and mixed puppies like Poodle Rescue Foundation and the beagles on the web website list of beagle rescues across America. Contact them, and keep your fingers crossed for your luck. Happy Beaglepoo parenting!

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